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Bowen Engineering Corporation

Trenchless Technology Honorable Mention: Oakley Station CSO 551 and CSO 553 Separation Sewer

Oct. 2014 – Midwest Mole, Inc. was the contractor for this fast-track, municipal design-build project that went from concept to completion in 13 months with a cost-savings of more than 20 percent on a budget of $12 million with $8.55 million in construction costs. Project owner is the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District.

Bowen Engineering Corporation

Bowen Engineering Corporation Recommends Midwest Mole, Inc. for Muncie Storm Line Project

INDIANAPOLIS, IND., Sept. 18, 2014 - Bowen Engineering Corp. commends Midwest Mole, Inc. for a job well-done at the Muncie Storm Line project. "They could not say enough things about your crews, the quality of your work, and just the overall experience on every job we build together. Thanks to you, your wonderful employees, and Midwest Mole for helping Bowen Engineering live our promise," wrote Doug Bowen, President and CEO.

Design-Build Done Right by MSDGC

Design-Build Done Right by MSDGC

CINCINNATI, OH — Midwest Mole, Inc. is the specialty contractor that utilized trenchless technology to install a new 60-ft. dedicated storm sewer over one-half mile long under the roads and utilities thus eliminating any potential disruptions to local businesses. The existing combined sewer was then converted into a dedicated storm sewer eliminating a primary CSO and significantly reducing overflows from a secondary CSO in the area.

Exploring Charleston's Drainage Tunnel

The Post and Courier: Dig It! Exploring Charleston's New Drainage Tunnel

October 2, 2013 - “The complexity and cost to improve the drainage and respect the historic treasures of Charleston is a task that many mayors and councils have struggled with throughout Charleston’s history,” [Mayor Joe Riley] said. City Engineer Laura Cabiness and Cliff Kassouf with Triad-Midwest Mole, the main contractor, provided the tour Wednesday to show off progress.

Midwest Mole Receives MICCS Zero Injury Award

Midwest Mole Receives MICCS Zero Injury Award

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, May 24, 2013 – Midwest Mole, Inc. was honored by the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) with the Zero Injury Award for having no recordable injuries in 2012. This is the first time Midwest Mole received the MICCS Zero Injury Award.

Emergency Repair in Lima, Ohio by Midwest Mole

Emergency Repair in Lima, Ohio

April 2013 – Lima is notably the home of the Lima Army Tank Plant and Ford Motor Company. Predating these manufacturing facilities are portions of the City’s infrastructure. Constructed in 1921, a 78-in. diameter clay tile lined sewer ranges in depth from 25 to 31 ft, in deteriorating structural condition. Midwest Mole, Inc. installed 1,140 ft. of 66-in. Hobas centrifugally cast, fiberglass reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe with a flush joint. Advantages of sliplining with CCFRPM included not needing to bypass; providing a continuous smooth pipeline; optimizing capacity; chemical resistance; providing a structural solution and it was cost competitive. “The sewer is fully commissioned at this stage and the final inspection has been completed,” concluded Ray Hutchinson, Vice President/Principal Engineer, MWH Global, Inc. (published in Hobas® PipeLine – April 2013)

Piloting the Shively Interceptor

Piloting the Shively Interceptor

April 2013 - Brad Ream and Joseph Butor report on the completion of the Shively Interceptor, the third largest U.S. pilot tube microtunnel, which negotiated difficult sandy soils, some below the water table. Published in Trenchless World, April 2013.

Muncie Culvert Job

2013 Excavation Safety Guide: Safety in the Trenchless Technology World

Article written by Greg Gagliardi, Corporate Safety Director of Midwest Mole, featured in the Digging Safely section of the 2013 Excavation Safety Guide.

Muncie Culvert Job

Muncie Culvert Job (Video)

Oct. 9, 2012 - Muncie News Updates: Ivan Gregory Jr., Prairie Creek Reservoir Superintendent, shows us the work being done at the Reservoir and why the water level had to be dropped. Watch the video now on YouTube.

Large Diameter Auger Boring in Illinois

Large Diameter Auger Boring in Illinois

On June 26, 2012, Midwest Mole, Inc. began a railroad crossing project in the Town of Tolono, Ill., for Feutz Construction. The project consisted of 128-ft. of 60-in. steel casing to serve as a storm water carrier as part of a new main trunk line storm water sewer system. Published in Trenchless Technology.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology: Pilot Tube Microtunneling a WIN in Kentucky (2012 Industry Review)

Project WIN (Waterway Improvements Now), is part of Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District's (MSD) response to a federal consent decree to improve its sewer system and reduce overflows into local waterways. The $850 million program is well under way and on track to meet its 2024 deadline. Published in Trenchless Technology.

Turner - Concrete Structures - Lindahl Tri-Venture (TCSL, TV) Recommends Midwest Mole, Inc. for O'Hare Project

CHICAGO, ILL., Nov. 27, 2012 - Turner - Concrete Structures - Lindahl Tri-Venture (TCSL, TV) commends Midwest Mole, Inc. for a job well-done at the O'Hare South Airfield in Chicago, Ill. Midwest Mole, Inc. installed a 36-ft. diameter jacking shift pit at approximately 25-ft. depth along with 163-ft. jack and bore of 84-in. diameter Class 4 storm sewer piping. "Their attention to details and safety were impressive and thorough; and this was observed through all facets of their company, i.e. estimating, purchasing, engineering, safety monitoring/management, housekeeping and field execution/completion," writes Gregory D. Cuttell, P.E., Senior Project Manager of TCSL, TV.

City of Greenfield, Ind. City Engineer Recommends Midwest Mole, Inc.

GREENFIELD, IND., Oct. 17, 2012 – The City of Greenfield selected Midwest Mole, the low bidder, for a project in Greenfield, Indiana. The project is a storm sewer construction project in an established neighborhood on the City’s west side. Midwest Mole has nearly completed the installation of several feet of concrete pipe, utility relocation and restoration work on schedule.

Shively Interceptor Project wins 2012 Trenchless Technology New Installation Honorable Mention

Oct. 12, 2012 - The Shively Interceptor Project in Shively, Ky., is the third largest pilot tube microtunnel (PTM) project ever completed in the United States, and arguably the most challenging. The project consisted of the installation of more than 10,678 lf of vitrified clay pipe (VCP) with a total grade change of less than 13 vf over the entire alignment. Louisville MSD is the project owner and engineer. Midwest Mole, Inc. is the contractor on this record project and was honored as Trenchless Technology magazine's New Installation Honorable Mention in 2012.

Jason Miller, New President of Midwest Mole

Miller Promoted to President of Midwest Mole

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, Sept. 13, 2012 – Midwest Mole, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Jason Miller to president from vice president, effective Aug. 28. Miller is taking over the post from Dan Liotti, who announced he will assume the role of CEO.

Midwest Mole

Midwest Mole Turns 30 - The Indiana-based Contractor's Growth Parallels that of U.S. Trenchless Market

July 12, 2012 – The trenchless technology market has come a long way in the past 30 years. In fact, 30 years ago the term “trenchless technology” was not commonly used in the industry lexicon. At that time, there were no professional societies directly related to the market, very little research and educational efforts, and a handful of manufacturers offering equipment. It was an “underground” market in more ways than one.

Midwest Mole New Facility

Midwest Mole, Inc. Moves to New Facility – Headquarters Relocation Prompted by Continued Growth

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 12, 2012 - Midwest Mole, Inc., an Indianapolis-based contracting firm specializing in trenchless technology, will move into a new facility located in Greenfield, Ind. 46140, which is approximately ten miles east of its existing headquarters. Occupancy will be complete by April 13.

Midwest Mole Celebrates 30 Years

Midwest Mole Celebrates 30 Years in the Trenchless Industry

This year Midwest Mole is celebrating its 30-year anniversary! Please enjoy this special video we’ve put together to help commemorate our history and the people who have helped make Midwest Mole the thriving contracting firm it is today. Watch it now!

Midwest Mole

Record Rockhead Finishes Fifth Tunnel (Winter 2011/2012)

In Autumn 2011, A self-propelled tunneling machine achieved a milestone in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The 72 inch (1.8 m) diameter Double Shield Rockhead, for contractor Midwest Mole, Inc., bored 2,014 ft (614 m) without intermediate access—a distance that appears to be a world record for a hard rock machine of this diameter.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology: Long Distance for Small-bore TBM (2011 Industry Review)

General contractor Midwest Mole Inc., Indianapolis, Ind., is responsible for construction of a new and higher capacity pipeline far below the creek bed. The project consists of seven gravity sewer tunnels criss-crossing the waterway. Each crossing is connected by a 32 ft diameter launch and receiving shaft, with a total of eight shafts in all. The shafts will eventually become fiberglass manhole structures to access the new pipeline.

Robbins Double Shield Rockhead

Record-breaking Rockhead flies through Fifth Tunnel (September 2011)

In September 2011, a self-propelled tunneling machine achieved a milestone in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The 1.8 m (72 inch) diameter Robbins Double Shield Rockhead bored 614 m (2,014 ft)—a distance that appears to be a world record for a hard rock machine of this diameter.

Midwest Mole

Trenchless Technology: Breaking Through Rock (May 2011)

Taking on a challenge is nothing out of the ordinary for the experienced trenchless installation experts at Midwest Mole. Since its founding in 1982, the Indianapolis-based contractor has earned a reputation for installation innovation, overcoming obstacles and defying the odds. So, these trenchless pros didn't hesitate to take on another challenge despite the recognition that they would likely encounter a few unknown and unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Midwest Mole

Underground Construction: Cincinnati Seven (April 2011)

Legend has it that Cincinnati, like Rome, was built on seven hills. Contractor Midwest Mole Inc., Indianapolis, IN, is continuing the local history by constructing seven sewer tunnels in a landmark project that is challenging common trenchless methods for long bores.

Midwest Mole

Trenchless International: Under Washington, D.C. - an infrastructure forgotten (January 2011)

The establishment of Washington D.C., capital city of the US, would not have been possible without the development of an intricate water and wastewater system. Here, Ralph Carpenter traces this development from a simple pine log water pipe in 1808 to today's innovative trenchless solutions.

Midwest Mole

Trenchless International: Beneath the streets of Singapore (October 2010)

Indiana, US contractor Midwest Mole Inc had a daunting task ahead of them when they were named General Contractors for not one, but seven sewer tunnels, tackling the unprecedented bores with Robbins Rockhead.

Midwest Mole

Trenchless Technology: Laser Guided Boring Used in Old Town Alexandria (2010 Industry Review)

When Alexandria, Va.-based Hopke Construction approached Midwest Mole about installing a new sewer line in the heart of Old Town Alexandria using trenchless technology, David Howell was certain it could be done. Howell, who is a project manager for Midwest Mole, a leading trenchless installation contractor headquartered in Indianapolis , Ind., was intrigued by a new trenchless installation approach he had learned of several months prior - designed specifically for precise, on-grade sewer and water applications - and this project seemed like a perfect fit.

Midwest Mole

Midwest Mole Produces a New Brochure

We invite you to take a look at our new downloadable and printable brochure! The brochure highlights our trenchless services and gives an inside look at our rich history as a “trenchless specialist” company.

Midwest Mole

Midwest Mole Announces a Redesigned Website

The new website will feature industry information, company news and events, with a focus on services that they offer. The 27 year old, family-owned company has grown and changed from a small local firm, to one of the recognized leaders in the boring, jacking and tunneling industry as well as other various trenchless technology services. In June 2009, they announced their rebranding and now they intend to go further by offering an advanced interactive website.

Midwest Mole

Taking Danger Out of the Job

I recently saw a safety video in which the narrator repeatedly referred to trenching and excavation work as dangerous. Likewise, the same is normally said about tunneling work. Those comments made me reflect on how people view the work they do and the many different approaches to safety.

Midwest Mole

Midwest Mole Undergoes Re-Branding

The new logo incorporates the key elements of company’s original branding, but with a more modern feel. It was important to preserve the mole, who has become the company mascot and colors in order to remain identifiable in the field.

Best Places to Work in Indiana 2009

May 21, 2009 – Midwest Mole, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been ranked as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” in the Small to Medium-sized Companies (25-249 employees).

ICA Safety Award - (November 20, 2008)

Midwest Mole, Inc.
Highway, Heavy and Utility Subcontractor Under 300,000
Indiana Onsite Man-Hours

Trenchless Technology: Indianapolis Airport Utility Connector Tunnel (October 2008)

Great teamwork and careful planning can make any kind of project easier and more efficient. In the case of of the CEP-IMC Utility Connecter Tunnel, Trenchless Technology's Project of the Year for New Installation, cooperation and preparation made the job less expensive, less risky, and much more successful.

View Indianapolis Airport Job Video

Trenchless Technology: (September 2008)

The project was for the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) as it readied a portion of its rail to be double tracked. The auger bores were needed to install large diameter steel casing in preparation of the storm drain installation under the existing track.

Trenchless Technology: Roundtable Discussion: A Look Through the Contractors’ Eyes (July 2008)

Each year at the No-Dig Show, Trenchless Technology gathers leaders from the trenchless community to explore different aspects of the industry. This year, we decided to take a look at the market through the contractor’s eyes.

Tunnels & Tunneling in North America: Indianapolis Airport Under Pass (December 2006)

The Indianapolis Airport Authority is said to be thrilled with the performance of Midwest Mole Inc and its excavation of a 2,000 ft long x 102 in diameter (610 m x 2.5 in diameter) utility connector tunnel under a runway and two taxiways without hold-up or incident.

Trenchless Technology: Midwest Mole: A Turnkey Trenchless Contractor (November 2002)

With so many different trenchless applications under its belt today, Midwest Mole markets itself as a turnkey trenchless contractor. And with every application added, the company can better tailor its services to its growing list of clients. But it's not just the number of technologies that makes Midwest Mole a turnkey contractor, it's also its customer support capabilities like design assistance, bidding assistance, financial bonding strength and special insurance coverage.

Tunnel & Tunneling International: Expanding Sewer Steel at Decatur (September 1997)

Midwest Mole employed a special 'sled' type steel rib expander to improve access when boring the Stevens Creek Sewer in Decatur, Illinois, earlier this year. Support design was changed part way through the tunnel under a railway.