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A trenchless construction method for installing pipelines. Microtunneling uses all of the following features during construction:

  • Remote controlled - The microtunneling boring machine (MTBM) is operated from a control panel, normally located on the surface. The system simultaneously installs pipe as spoil is excavated and removed. Personnel entry is not required for routine operation.
  • Guided - The guidance system usually references a laser beam projected on to a target in the MTBM and is capable of installing gravity sewers or other types of pipelines to the required tolerance for line and grade.
  • Pipe jacking - The process of constructing a pipeline by consecutively pushing pipes and MTBM through the ground using a jacking system for thrust.
  • Continuously supported - Continuous pressure is provided to the face of the excavation to balance ground water and earth pressures.
Photo 01 - Microtunneling Boring Machines (MTBM)