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Cellular Grout is an ideal material for filling the annular space between the carrier pipe and tunnel and for slipline projects.

The American Concrete Institute International (ACI-116R-90) offers this definition:
“Concrete, cellular : a lightweight product consisting of portland cement, cement-silica, cement-pozzolan, lime pozzolan, lime-silica pastes, or pastes containing blends of these ingredients and having a homogeneous void or cell structure, attained with gas-forming chemicals or foaming agents.”

Lightweight cellular grout has been used very effectively as backfill for lined tunnels. We have used it successfully for the last 27 years on projects for the Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky State Highway Departments, the Corps. of Engineers and municipal projects in Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Ft. Wayne among others. There are many advantages in using cellular concrete instead of regular sand-cement grout. Major advantages of cellular grout are the considerably lower density, superior fluidity, and unique stress-deformation characteristics. The density of lightweight grout is one third to one-half the weight of regular grout, thus the buoyancy effects of the conduits will be one-third to one-half as much. This greatly reduces the possibility of deflection and flotation of the conduit. With increased fluidity, the cellular grout readily flows into irregular voids, requires no consolidation, and improves the pumpability of the mix. With increased fluidity, less pressure is needed to pump the mix which reduces the risk of collapsing the ducts. The unique stress-deformation characteristics of the cured cellular grout allow it to adapt to movement of the confining media without applying large stress and distortions to the carrier pipe.

Midwest Mole is a trained and licensed contractor of Cellufoam® brand cellular grouts to install lightweight grouts for geotechnical fills, abandoned structures, mines, and annulus grouting for slipping and carrier pipe installations.

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